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Mission of Sweenobles Health Products New Zealand

Our mission is to help people improve their health and quality of life, by innovating and providing products with premium quality, unique functionality and top customer service

Science-based innovation with integrity


"My Sweenobles journey is fueled with passion for Science, Research & Development, Nutrition and Human Health"
- Founder, Dr. Esther Chong
Sweenobles Health Products was founded with the mission to innovate premium, safe, effective consumer products, to help individuals achieve better health and quality of life. Our products are made in New Zealand. Only safe, high-quality, and scientifically proven efficacious ingredients are used. Each product is produced ethically to deliver what it promises to do for our valuable customers. Our flagship product is Joint MaxActives topical gel, a science-based formula produced to empower you to stay active and healthy. Recently, we have launched two amazing natural skincare products, Natural Glacial Clay Mask enriched with NZ glacial clay and plant bioactives, and Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Ultra-Moisturiser for your everyday skincare needs and enjoyment! 
Briefly about my professional background, I hold a PhD Degree in Nutritional Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Nutrition and a Bachelor Degree in Technology, from Massey University, New Zealand. My expertise encompasses nutrition and health products innovation, scientific research, analysis, product safety, quality assurance, technical consultancy and training. I am particularly passionate about using bio-actives blessed by our mother nature for my health products Research & Development, as well reflected in our series of Sweenobles products.





Bioactive-Rich Formulation

No harmful substances